Tualatin, OR, February 2, 2022—Clean Methane Systems LLC (CMS) and Ammongas A/S (Ammongas) today introduces amine technology to North American renewable natural gas (RNG) customers. The new Danish technology simplifies biogas upgrading by minimizing the steps required to prepare and inject renewable natural gas into the grid. Amine technology also reduces the operational cost of the system in the novel way it manages hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants in the gas stream.

“This technology simplifies the gas upgrading equation and significantly reduces the costs of removing contaminants,” said Tim Robinson, president of Clean Methane Systems. “We are committed to efficiently recovering methane for beneficial use in North America. We view the Ammongas upgrading technology as the next step forward in accomplishing that objective. The overall impact to the industry and the environment looks very promising.”

Both CMS and Ammongas have a long history of serving the biogas and RNG markets. CMS provides equipment and RNG consulting solutions for its U.S. and international clients from its Tualatin, Oregon headquarters. Ammongas has focused primarily on the European biogas sector from its headquarters in Glostrup, Denmark, where it continues to design sustainable, efficient and economical environmental facilities.
“Collaborating with CMS will enable us to efficiently and effectively enter and serve a large, new market,” noted Alexander Ryhl, Head of Sales for Ammongas. “The result should be best-in-class solutions supported locally for serious customers in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.”
About Clean Methane Systems LLC
Clean Methane Systems custom designs, installs, fine-tunes, and operates biogas-to-energy systems for manufacturers, consultants, municipalities, and energy companies. CMS, with its acquired operations, has one of the largest biogas portfolios in the industry, with more than 140 historical projects in North America alone. The company is recognized internationally as a leader in conditioning and recovering waste stream biogas, including removal of carbon dioxide, sulfur, moisture, siloxanes, and other volatile organic compounds. Its goal is to provide its customers clean power generation and a stronger bottom line. More information is available at methanesys.com.
About Ammongas A/S
Ammongas is a Danish producer of environmental facilities, established in 2002 with more than 40 plants in Northern Europe. The plants are designed and built by dedicated engineers with focus on sustainability, economy, efficiency, and operational reliability. Ammongas has experience within biogas upgrading, air and gas cleaning, and odor removal, as well as ammonia separation and concentration. More information is available at ammongas.dk.