H2S and Siloxane Removal Media
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  • SAG
    SAG media utilizes a siloxane removal technology called adsorption. The SAG adsorption process removes organic vapors and siloxane contaminants from an effluent gas stream by causing the vapors to adhere to the surface of the solid media. The media is highly porous and allows for high surface-to-volume ratios, maximizing the media’s siloxane removal capability.



  • HOX
    HOX is used in combination with SAG media in SAGPack systems. Both types of media work together, with HOX removing moisture and select siloxanes, and SAG removing a broader range of siloxane contaminants. Clean Methane Systems patented technology segments HOX and SAG within SAGPack units.




  • CIS
    CIS media is comprised of wood chips and shavings impregnated with iron oxide. When biogas flows through the media, the H2S in the gas reacts with the iron oxide in the media to form iron sulfide and water.




  • ST
    ST is utilized in Clean Methane Systems SulfrPack ST low to medium H2S level gas conditioning systems for removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other sulfur compounds.