SulfrPack CIS is an anaerobic or aerobic, iron sponge-based treatment system that eliminates sulfur from biogas streams at ranges of 0-2,500 ppm. This proven technology is effective while working with sewage gases, low-pressure systems and high-pressure natural gas. By adding a maximum of one percent air to the system, it will assume aerobic function and improve its efficiency by 25-50 percent. The additional oxygen used up in the reaction does not carry forward in the system and in-situ regeneration is possible if aerobic and anaerobic operations are combined.


SulfrPack ST is a biogas treatment system that removes sulfur from waste streams at a range of 0-2,000 ppm. SulfrPack ST is also equipped with a highly-effective odor control system that neutralizes sulfur and light mercaptan-type odors from any air or gas stream. This high-capacity product’s reliability in partially to fully humid air makes it unique to other sulfur removal systems.



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